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A dream that comes true …


Il Tuo Legno Legno brand name was founded in 2007 from Stefano’s desire, who, after having experienced one of the worst moments of his life, decides to start-up a business project with determination and the support of his family by putting into practice what he had learnt up to now as a manufacturer of fittings and then of fine furniture.

Thus, with much commitment and dedication, the construction that houses the company is set-up with equipment, plants and machinery that make it possible to carry out all the necessary work independently.

However, what renders the company special over time is that those who turn to Stefano can count on someone capable of listening and understanding the real needs of his customers, for whom each creation is something unique and truly personal. That’s why for us the brand name “Il Tuo Legno -pure personal pleasure” represents the most beautiful way to enter your homes with objects and furnishing solutions that make you really feel the pleasure of living the home in the most personal way possible.

However, we now let you enter our house, the house of Il Tuo Legno.

Made in Italy” reflects a lifestyle we like to call Abitare Italiano. It is a lifestyle which focuses on the relationships among people: Italian squares were born for this. We pay attention to food, landscapes, art and handicraft and realize in a workmanlike manner tailor-made products and services with the same attention, because it belongs to our identity, our history.

The Veneto region has an ancient craftsmanship tradition and a culture which has developed since the time of the Serenissima Republic with international links of people and knowledge. Versatile artisans, who are suitable for customized and creative solutions, offer high-quality and precise technology, constant innovation and both a welcoming and a firm handshake.

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